The reasons of the Wolf

Seleceted for Biarritz Latin America Film Festival, FIDBA, FICVIÑA, MIDBO, Márgenes, Festival de la Habana, Cámara Lúcida, amongst others

The documentary maker weaves this family and national portrait with the thread of her memories framed in a social club of the elite of Medellín.

The complex reality of the last 50 years of a Colombia shaken by the internal armed conflict reveals its power to reconfigure the social landscape of the country and her unique family. A conservative father, who was mayor of Medellín. A mother who abandons her role as a woman of high society and becomes a renowned intellectual, social researcher of Colombian violence, whose critical acuity to unravel truths generates enemies that corner her into exile.

An account of the country turned into a battlefield, with the civilian population plunged into the crossfire of its various actors: paramilitary groups, drug cartels, guerrillas and the army. As well as the multiple failed attempts in the search for peace in a country that has no clarity about how to unravel the fabric of violence.

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