Corona Haikus

Project selected for the New Media Lab, #Narrarelfuturo

Can we find a sense of internal freedom and external connection while in isolation?

Corona Haikus is a collaborative project that uses visual poetry to document life in isolation during Corona times.

The project was born as a response to the lockdowns that were being imposed around the globe and to the subsequent impossibility to continue daily life as it had been planned. It was a response to the shock and fear of the unknown and to the need to create a space to be together and to feel connected.

Visually stunning and emotionally moving, it offers a calm space in a time of fear and
uncertainty. The proposition was to invite people to look at what might be gained, rather than what has been lost. It invites us to see our reality differently and to seek out what really matters to us.

It uses a visual haiku format (3 photos and a simple text) as a mean to creatively grab the moment and allow a space of reflection and awareness.

It currently has more that one thousand active participants coming from all over the world who share their compositions on a daily basis, get in touch with one another and have supported each other even if before they were complete strangers.

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